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Should I Tell the Photographer That My Child Has Special Needs?

At a photo shoot, my goal is for each client to leave with an incredible gallery of photos to cherish for eternity. You want happy images that capture comfortable smiles and real-life connections. In order for the session to run smoothly, it is not only beneficial, but frequently critical, to notify the photographer of a specific challenge I may encounter at your photo session. This will ensure that I know how to prepare so that everyone feels calm and at ease throughout their time together. For the best photo results, it's always a good idea to be as prepared as possible!

To the benefit of all children, I have lots of experience working with children with special needs & sensory challenges. When everyone is in place and ready for the shoot, you want to avoid any type of meltdown. Therefore, I gladly welcome children who can benefit from getting acquainted with me to visit the studio prior to your family’s scheduled photo shoot. If I'm is aware of what may irritate a particular kid, I can ensure that anything that may trigger your child will be avoided. There's no need to be concerned; when sensitive information is disclosed, I commit to keeping it confidential. Let's plan a calm (stress-free) shoot!


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