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Your session was pleasurable.

The photos are exquisite. 

Now, What?

​Sarivky brings you the finest materials from printing labs around the globe. 
To preserve your memories forever, all products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Take a look at the upscale products on which you can enjoy your photos forever.


Your Family

Albums display beautifully for an accessible and pretty peek.

Sarivky will creatively design a master photo album for your family to enjoy hands-on. 

During your ordering session, every detail of the album is chosen.  We offer options in size, cover style, imprint, as well as a storage box. Samples are on display in our studio, so you can easily see what you like. The cover options include a luxurious acrylic photo,  soft leather, textured linen & vintage wood.

You may choose to review your album’s layout design before Sarivky sends it to print. That’s just another way to ensure your satisfaction!


Prices range  from $990 - $3200.

We offer a special promotion on parent album copies.

So much for an appealing gift for you, for them, for everyone.

Surely, that's the way to tea.

wall 1f.jpg

Your Home

A Wall Collection of timeless portraits. 

From the onset of your session planning, Sarivky will help coordinate the style of your portraits to your home. 

Create an inviting, homey environment by celebrating your most precious people in your house. Your family will feel the love, you will see the pride.

Wall art options include photos printed on

luxury acrylic, vibrant aluminum, creative canvas & other hand crafted heirloom pieces. Linen and framed prints are the newest addition to our studio.

The final wall view is designed at your ordering session.

The right photo product for your decor, the correct sizes for each photo, and the most eye-pleasing layout options are then discussed, previewed and confirmed.

Prices range from $290 - $3500.

Just watch out, the walls you now pass by will be the spaces you will stare at every day.

studio314 15x20.jpg

Prints on Point

Still love prints and framed photos the most?

Our photos are printed on high-quality photo paper that has a lifetime guarantee to boot. 

Matted, framed or otherwise stored in a classic book, your standard print will not be so standard anymore.

 Sarivky will show you some fine photo finishes and matted frame options at your ordering session, were you to decide to go classic this time.

Prices start at $60 for sizes up to 8x10.

Hold on to these photos, for they are of the most priceless and treasured possessions in life.


A Gifted Opportunity

As parents, we appreciate gorgeous photos of our children and what that means to us. This special feeling of blessedness is indescribable.


Give your parents & family that wonderful feeling of gratitude and let them enjoy perfect smiles of their grandchildren every day. 

On display in our studio are pretty gift photo products. Print your family's photos on that which they'll enjoy most. You can be sure that your parents will proudly stare at and share it with everyone they meet.


Prices range from $75 - $1500.

Don't make them wait until you come visit.

Tell me more about the session!
Take me through the timeline & process.

Contact Sarivky to book your consultation.

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