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What Should My Family Wear To Our Photo Shoot?

With the focus of your portraits being your family, I aim to focus on you and your beautiful faces. The most appealing way to capture your family's portraits is by dressing in neutrals and solids. Also, by working with your children's (hair and eye) colors for it will enhance their faces on the portraits beautifully. Some textures and designs work well with certain looks.

Do you have a specific designer clothing set or photo style in mind that you'd love to use for your portraits? Discuss this with me beforehand and I'll work with you in a way that you can wear what you'd like and still enhance your family's beauty. Also, if you're unsure if you should do complete matching set or a more relaxed family coordination style for your photos, ask me and we'll go through your vision together.

Certainly, a beautiful way to dress your family is by coordinating to the room in which you plan to hang the portrait art. I offer personal in home consultation where I come down to plan together the colors and style that will complement your home.


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