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What Do I Need to Know About Our Family's Portrait Photoshoot?

So, you're planning a family portrait session and are a bit frazzled. You're curious, what do I need to know and do to prepare for the shoot? How will I get my kids to behave? What about clothing, style set? How do I decide when's a good time for my family? and so on....

Mostly, you're wondering, what do I need to know that I don't know I even need ask about! Firstly, I am here to tell you the good news! What you need to know about your family session you already know from the day-to-day life at home. You know your children best, in their happy moments and what triggers 'unwanted' behaviors. Therefore, I suggest, a smart way to approach your family session is by accepting your beautiful family for who they are and working with them. Sort of like preparing as if you're going to spend a day at the park. You can prepare lite clean snacks and clear drinks for between sets. Keep in mind feeding & napping times and schedule your slot accordingly. You would want to come to your session thinking of the end result, enjoying incredible portraits of your family's finest moments. You want to come in a calm and happy mood, because your kids will feed off your mood. Don't pressure neither yourself nor your family to "behave". Let them be them and we will work together to create that lovely experience. Remember, you want to leave the studio with wonderful memories of an enjoyable experience with your family.

Read my other posts for details on each of the steps you can take, as listed above, to ensure the most calm and successful experience.


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