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How Can I Prepare For Our Photo Session?

Many people are anxious before a photo shoot and wonder how to prepare for their photo session. Bewlow is a short and helpful guide that will help you get ready for their session of which you can expect optimal results.

For starters, do not stress- and I can't stress that enough :)! No-one performs well under pressure, especially young kids. Children know what we feel deep down, thus feeling confident in them is important. Not surprisingly, your children feel the trust that you have in the photographer and it gives over positive vibes which further helps them be their best self.

Some time before the shoot day, try to visualize for your children what to execute and the outcome of your photoshoot. Explain to them how you're truly looking forward to seeing their portraits on your wall and how you're anticipating to lounge on the couch looking through a beautiful album with photos of them. Show them how you're honesty proud to share that love with your family ("Can you imagine what Bobby's reaction will be when we'll surprise her with a gorgeous picture of you all to display on her desk?") and how you (and they) will cherish it forever. ( "I can't wait to have my coffee on the couch every morning while staring at a photo of you on the wall, smiling at me!")

Being that children (and adults) perform best when they're fed and rested, key to a successful session is scheduling your session around the kids' schedule and napping them before the shoot if necessary.

At the consultation prior to each client's session, I offer more practical tips that help to calmly and excitedly get you ready.

For clothing advice and info of how to dress your family for the photoshoot, read more in the post titled "What should my family wear to our photo shoot?"


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